Teleportation How To Guide : From Star Trek To Tesla

Teleportation How To Guide : From Star Trek To Tesla

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NOW YOU CAN TRAVEL UP, UP and AWAY...INSTANTLY! ** Mysterious Disappearances Solved! ** Classified Experiments Concerning the Philadelphia Experiment, Time Travel and Area 51 are revealed FOR THE FIRST TIME! ** PROOF ALIENS HAVE LEFT BEHIND IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGICAL CLUES! ** IT IS POSSIBLE TO MASTER THE ART OF TELEPORTATION WITH A BIT OF PRACTICE ON THE PART OF THE READER! The well-known phrase, "Beam me up, Scotty," from the popular television series STAR TREK first introduced the public to the idea of teleportation -- instantaneous transport through time and space -- although the term was probably originally coined by the world famous author of books on unexplained mysteries, the late Charles Fort. Long thought to be the work of over imaginative writers, the author now takes the subject beyond the void of pure speculation and into the realm of 21st Century science. For according the COMMANDER X -- a former military intelligence operative with connections to the CIA and Defense Department, on a number of occasions he witnessed the testing of highly classified super TOP SECRET black project aircraft engaged in maneuvers over Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Furthermore, the national whistle-blower claims he actually sat at the helm of one of these ships as it bio-located from one place to another...INSTANTLY! What was so unusual about these flights over Area 51 is the fact that the technology being tested involved principles of teleportation gleamed from reverse engineering of alien spacecraft which have crashed to Earth. The author maintains that extraterrestrials have been trying to feed us clues regarding the existence of this interstellar mode of transport which will enable us to instantly maneuver between two points in the twinkle of an eye! COMMANDER X further insists it is within the realm of possibility for the reader of this book to learn the fundamentals of teleportation and participate in experiments of their very own -- no matter how outlandish this may seem! In detail, he describes his own work with the military in developing skills necessary to engage in spontaneous teleportation...skills that could very well lead you along the path to personal gratification and success. The book also delves into the impact the STAR TREK series has had on introducing the general public to what is just around the bend for our world and the possibility this is part of a grass roots campaign to inform the public on a need to know basis a little bit at a time. In addition, up to date information from the Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla reveal what the great mind of all time knew about teleportation and how he helped institute this process as part of the Top Secret Philadelphia Experiment.

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Teleportation How to Guide : From Star Trek to TeslaTeleportation How to Guide : From Star Trek to Tesla

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